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Upcoming/Past Events

Thu, Dec 03
Microsoft Teams
Make Hustle Happen
Making hustle happen has a process, and you can find it here. Sign up for free!
Mon, Nov 16
Social Innovation 2.0 : More Equity for Athletes!
Wed, Oct 21
Microsoft Teams
Make Hustle Happen
Follow your passion and make hustle happen!
Mon, Aug 31
Virtual Event
How to protect your online business from a data breach
Wed, Aug 12
Exploring the right legal entity for your social venture
Are you launching a new venture and are wondering which legal entity to go with? Or maybe you've already launched and would like to know if you've made the right choice... Let's discuss it!
Fri, Jun 26
Online Event
Let's talk Marketing & Brand Strategy for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs
Join us for this community dialogue + brainstorming session!
Wed, Jun 10
socialaim.co IG Live
How to maintain a healthy heart while running your business
How does a good heart contribute to our success in life or business? No, we are not just talking about how we feel or what fuels our passion; but rather the functionality and well-being of our hearts. How can we be intentional about maintaining a good and healthy heart, while growing a business? Joi
Fri, May 29
Online Event
How to maintain good health and well-being while running a business
Our businesses cannot run on passion alone. In order to maximize productivity and outcomes, a healthy habit must be in the mix!
Thu, May 07
Impact Jam Session & A Conversation with Alexander Star
Join us, as we share the story and music of Alexander Star, who's leading the charge of this generation's "Impact Artists", and learn why the artists of the future should create music with their communities in mind.
Wed, May 06
AI for Good: Business cases for social entrepreneurs & founders
Join us for an open dialogue with technology expert Brian Brackeen, as we’ll discuss some of the ways that social entrepreneurs and founders can use artificial intelligence for good.
Thu, Apr 23
Webinar: Venture Cafe Virtual
Why social innovation is more important than ever before!
Join us and community leaders for this open dialogue and discover why social innovation should be at the core of every business’s mission and what you can do now to help support a sustainable future.
Thu, Apr 09
Online: Venture Café Miami
Safety and Security for your Remote Work Environment
Thu, Mar 12
Location is TBD
Privacy and Cybersecurity Business Case for Social Entrepreneurs & Founders: Virtual Session
Join us on this virtual session for an open discussion on why it's important to address privacy and cybersecurity at various stages of your business.

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