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Greetings family! So it's the holiday season and it's happening again. The rush, the excitement, travel plans, and (re)connecting with longtime friends and family. Like most people, I love this time of year, and for good reason. One of the reasons I love this time of year is because regardless of how busy and rough the year has been for you or anyone; There's always a good chance that most of us will be in a better place, mood, and strangers will smile and greet each other again. Something in the air is just different! (ok, besides the C-health issue haha). With everything that's usually going on over the holidays, it may be the easiest time of the year to lose track of some major "keys" that can help keep us grounded and poised as founders and change-makers. Depending on the nature of your business, you may be experiencing a rush or some downtime for you and your team. For either case, here are some keys and tips that I believe will help keep us in the best shape to close out the year and be ready to crush it in 2022!


Go ahead...take a few deep breathes right now. Ok, good. Beyond a healthy breathing exercise tho, what I mean is taking some time to yourself. I think it's critically important to take time off and It doesn't matter how long it is...maybe it's 30 mins here and there or a day of not thinking about what's going on around you and enjoying your current mood, time, and space. Things are usually moving so much fast over the holidays and that can cause us to keep going 1oomph, while not giving ourselves time to reset. Take it, you deserve it.


I think this one is a given. However, I want to throw it in there just in case. Often times we get a break to spend time with those who are special to us during the holidays; However, with everything else that's going on, we barely remember how the time was spent. It goes by in a blur...has this ever happened to you? It sure has with me. It may help to limit TV and phone screen time so we can avoid distractions that can keep us from being present and enjoying each other's space. Social media can be tempting I know; especially if you're in business and you must continue to engage with your audience. In this case, it may help to schedule some time to do work in batches during a specific time slot. The best gift during this holiday season may just be the gift of your presence.

BE THANKFUL thankful are you for the opportunity to enjoy yet another holiday season? Go ahead...take a minute to think about it. Some people may have started 2021 with plans for this holiday season, but unfortunately didn't make it this far. If you're reading this, you're one of the ones who did. Giving thanks can also make you happier, according to this Harvard study. Although we all should be grateful all year long, for this holidays season, adding some extra cheers to your step may be the right fix to keeping you grounded!


That's right human, you're super! Did you know this? I'm sure you do...but just in case you forgot during this year's madness; let me remind you of how super you are. Just think about it...are you thinking yet?'s one for you, thinking is such a superpower! Isn't it amazing how our minds work? Think of all of the amazing things that you've been able to imagine, accomplish, and create due to our limitless ability to think. While you're at it, think of all the different ways that you can make this holiday even more special.


The best time to get started on something that you've always wanted to do was probably yesterday, and the next best time is now. People often don't take action for many reasons; including fear, peer pressure, or just lack of motivation. We often overthink simple scenarios. Some of the best ways to move into dreaming about what you want to do and taking action right away are to start small, take continuous action, and eliminate distractions. Here's a quick math question for you: If 4 cats are stuck in a tree, and 2 decide to jump off. How many are left? Did you say 2? If you did...the correct answer is still 4 cats on that tree...because there's a difference between deciding and actually doing. If you have decided to get something done, get started and do something about it right away.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Thank you for rocking with us this year! Having the opportunity to work with you throughout the year is a gift that keeps on giving. Wishing you and our family the best of health and happiness this holiday season and a happy new year!

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