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Beating the odds isn't new. Plenty of people have done it, including you. Are you awake today? You've beaten the odds. That's it. That's the quote.


Emmanuel Miot, Founder & Executive Creator at

Young Businesswomen

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We help underserved & emerging social entrepreneurs turn a purpose-driven idea or side hustle into a growing enterprise.

Growth by Design

What if we only had 1-day to walk you through a user-centric framework that will help you identify and understand the needs of your users, clarify the problems that you are solving, and making sure that you are building a business or solution that people will want or buy?

Join us on October 23rd for a full-day virtual design sprint experience where we’ll walk you through a human-centered framework that will help up with potential solutions to critical business or social challenges that are keeping you and your business from growing.

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Be part of a unique growth & collaborative community of purpose-driven founders, creators, and community leaders. 

Use our platform to leverage community engagement & human capital from our community to grow your business.

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Need some help lauching your business idea? Start with Clutch.

Business goals & milestone creation and tracking made simple.

Unique Business Growth Resources to help you grow

Helping you grow your purpose-driven business is our purpose. See which one of our business resources was made for you.

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Our Community

We get it. Launching an idea or growing a business is had. It is also a tough and lonely journey. was created and launched by emerging and underserved founders. just like you. 


Join us for live events and programs. Engage with our community and network with like-minded founders who are also focused and committed to maximizing impact and growing their business. Just like you.

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Leverage our free and affordable community resources to launch an idea or grow a purpose-driven business model. 

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