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Beating the odds isn't new. Plenty of people have done it, including you. Are you awake today? You've beaten the odds. That's it. That's the quote.


Emmanuel Miot, Founder & Executive Creator at

Young Businesswomen

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We help underserved & emerging founders leverage peer experience and local human capital as a resource for business growth.

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Leverage the power of peer collaboration, teamwork, and creative thinking to grow your business idea.


That's it. That's the app you've been waiting for...and you can sign up for early access today. 


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We get it. Launching an idea or growing a business is hard. It is also a tough and lonely journey. was created and launched by emerging and underserved founders. Just like you. 


Join us for live events and programs. Engage with our community and network with like-minded founders who are also focused and committed to maximizing impact and growing their business. Just like you.

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Leverage our free and affordable community resources to launch an idea or grow a purpose-driven business model. 

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