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Our mission: Help 1 million founders, impact 1 million communities.


We help mission-driven founders leverage social capital to grow impactful companies that can change the world; While increasing access to financial capital.

When you join our "Clutch."  community, you instantly level up your social capital  game by having access to a collaborative & like-minded founders who can help you navigate the uncertain terrain of business ownership. In a nutshell, when you don’t know what the heck you’re doing--we got you! 

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A business-building membership experience designed with you in mind. 

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Why do we care?
 we believe in the power of social entrepreneurship to drive radical changes that uplift communities to become more equitable and sustainable for everyone across the world. 

Young Businesswomen

What stage of business are you in?

If "your network is really your net worth", then your community should help you go from ideation to execution and growth.

"Clutch." is designed to help you move from existence to success, and from success to maturity and beyond! 


We are passionate about this because we've been there. We know how lonely and challenging entrepreneurship can be.

We want to be there with you every step of the way. 

Join us.

Passion Led Us Here

The Social Times 

A founder-focused publication designed for your growth.

Online Course

Virtual Events

Value-based events that are designed to help you grow & keep up with amazing change-makers who are impacting the world.

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