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We assist social entrepreneurs with Data-powered business solutions to help develop, test, and grow business ideas to advance sustainable development goals for more sustainable world.

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Are you familiar with the sustianable development goals?


We are on a mission to empower 1 million+ Social Entrepreneurs to build profitable and impactful businesses while raising awareness for sustainable development goals by 2030. 

Which goal(s) are you and your business committed to?


We are creators, innovators, and founders putting Social Capital at work for you. Join us in the Lab.

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Shan Nadrich

Growth Partner

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Emmanuel Miot

Founder & CEO

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Rachel Meang Brown

Growth Partner

Trens Francois

Growth Partner

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We Want to Hear From You 


We are committed to delivering the best platform experience and solutions to help you grow a business that can tackle the most critical challenges from your community. Share some feedback or let us know your biggest challenges as a Social Entrepreneur.

Come grow with us.
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Our Partners

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