We're excited to build a social fintech company that works for you. We understand 
We believe social entrepreneurship can help create radical changes that lead to developing more sustainable and equitable communities for all.

We are on a mission to empower 1 million+ entrepreneurs earn financial freedom through social entrepreneurship while creating massive impact over the next 10 years by building community, technology, and designing experiences that foster and facilitate collaboration + productivity...one impactful idea at a time.

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Quentin Davy

Volunteer Growth Partner

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Emmanuel Miot

Founder & CEO

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Rachel Meang Brown

Volunteer Growth Partner

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Trens Francois

Volunteer Growth Partner

We are creators, innovators, and founders putting Social Capital at work for you.

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Clarity - We believe in the power of a clear vision, and the importance of setting goals on the path to business success.

Collaboration - We believe getting involved and engaging with all of the stakeholders within our communities will fuel collaboration and amplify our abilities to address social and environmental challenges through social entrepreneurship. 

Contribution - We believe that everyone's contributions are important for community development and creating a better world.  If we share our thoughts, feelings, time, expertise, and experiences; we will tap into the creative power that rewards our willingness to contribute what we can, however we can, towards building something special.

Growth from within - We believe that communities can support & fuel their own growth by having a thriving social entrepreneurship community and ecosystem. We help make that happen.

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We Want to Hear From You 


We are committed to delivering the best platform experience and solutions to help you grow a business that can tackle the most critical challenges from your community! Share some feedback or let us know what are the biggest challenges you’re facing as a Social Entrepreneur! 

Come grow with us.
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