We believe in social enterprises and the impact Social Entrepreneurs can have on the world around them.


Social entrepreneurship is key to developing a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

 at socialaim.co we believe in everyone's ability to contribute and help create radical change that uplifts communities in need across the world.

Socialaim.co is the brainchild of Founder Emmanuel “Manny” Miot, who launched the brand as a passion project. Manny began his entrepreneurial journey as a high school student and has been dedicated to improving the world through business ownership ever since. He has launched numerous ventures while navigating the challenges of having limited access to business capital, a solid professional network, and proper health care. 


With a passion for community building and understanding how tough and lonely entrepreneurship can be, Manny set out to find a simple and effective way for founders to leverage peer collaboration and social capital as a resource to grow impactful businesses that can change the world.


Fueled by passion and grit, and wisely leveraging his own social capital, Manny has worked to grow the socialaim.co team from one solopreneur’s venture to a team made up of experienced entrepreneurs from his own network, who share his passion, and are dedicated to empowering others. We believe that even when they are underserved, underrepresented, or inexperienced, Social Entrepreneurs can count on the experiences, network, and human capital from their local community as a resource to grow their business. Social Entrepreneurs benefit society and help build great communities by addressing critical issues such as poverty, injustice, climate change, and economic growth.

Meet The Team

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Quentin Davy

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Emmanuel Miot

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Leah Griff

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Rachel Meang Brown

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Trens Francois 

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Clarity - We believe in the power of a clear vision, and the importance of setting goals on the path to business success.

Collaboration - We believe getting involved and engaging with all of the stakeholders within our communities will fuel collaboration and amplify our abilities to address social and environmental challenges through social entrepreneurship. 

Culture - We believe that all everyone's contributions are important for diverse community engagement. If we share our thoughts, feelings, time, expertise, and experiences; we will learn more about the critical issues that are affecting our communities and how we can get involved in solving them.

Growth from within - We believe that underserved communities can support & fuel their own growth through social entrepreneurship. We help make that happen.

We Want to Hear From You 


We are committed to delivering the best platform experience and solutions to help you grow a business that can tackle the most critical challenges from your community! Take our brief survey and let us know what are the biggest challenges you’re facing as a Social Entrepreneur! 

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