We believe underserved & inexperienced social entrepreneurs & their local community can fuel each other’s growth towards a more equitable and sustainable future. We are on a mission to help make that happen, by empowering one social entrepreneur and local community expert at a time.  


socialaim.co was founded on the belief that underserved & inexperienced social entrepreneurs and their local communities can fuel each other’s growth towards a more equitable and sustainable future. It is important for local communities to have a thriving social entrepreneurship ecosystem that supports its growth and a future that everyone can count on. Social entrepreneurs benefit society and help build great communities by addressing critical issues such as poverty, injustice, climate change, and economic growth.


However, social entrepreneurs who are underserved often lack the business resources and experience they need to solve complex problems, evaluate talent, or acquire new skills needed to grow their business.  We believe communities are built from within. Every stakeholder or member of a community can play a role in supporting its growth and sustainability. 


socialaim.co is committed to being a resource that empowers underserved & inexperienced social entrepreneurs to build great companies that will contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future for all. 


Contribution - We believe that everyone’s contribution matters. We are all stakeholders in the communities in which we live, and our contribution towards building better communities and a sustainable future matters.

Diverse Engagement - We believe that all stakeholder contributions are important for diverse community engagement. If we share our thoughts, feelings, time, expertise, and experiences; we will learn more about the critical issues that are affecting our communities and how we can get involved in solving them.

Collaboration - We believe getting involved and engaging with all of the stakeholders within our communities will fuel collaboration and amplify our abilities to address social and environmental challenges through social entrepreneurship. 

Growth from within - We believe that underserved communities can support & fuel their own growth through social entrepreneurship. We help make that happen.



We like honest feedback. We are always learning, testing our assumptions, and evaluating more feedback and data from you. 


We are committed to delivering the best platform experience and solutions to help you grow a business that can tackle the most critical challenges from your community.  

Come grow with us.

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