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It's like a sports league, but we get down to business. 

Sign up for free, let’s step it up a notch to win while tackling your marketing and funding challenges together. We’ll do that by leveraging the power of social capital, collaboration, and data to help you come through in the clutch for your business. 


Let us help you and your company embrace your "CLUTCH" DNA to build amazing companies and change the world.

Come grow with us.

"Being a CLUTCH business owner means having the guts to share your gifts, being present, not giving up and doing everything it takes to realize your dreams while enjoying the journey." - Emmanuel Miot, founder & CEO of

A business partner that will help unleash your CLUTCH DNA 

Athletes aren't the only ones who can perform their best under pressure, pull their teams through rough days. Founders like you can do the impossible & make winning plays too. Social Entrepreneurship is your sport, a social enterprise startup is your team, the world is your audience. Let's show them what your DNA is made of.

We'll set you up with a CLUTCH Profile to help market and increase exposure to your mission, products and services; While designing funding opportunities that can help you grow.


We know that growth and outreach can be challenging because we've been there and have the experience. Sometimes all you need is that extra nudge, guidance, and community to help unleash your CLUTCH DNA.

Confident Businesswoman
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A CLUTCH platform that works for you  

You don't have to go at it alone. Sometimes all you need is someone to hear you out, understand what you're building, and help get your story in front of the right people. A free CLUTCH profile will do just that, and more.

Don't be stuck alone, drop in and let our community and network help you get unstuck so you can get back to creating more impact.

Become a CLUTCH community-backed social venture ​

To make it simple: We'll help you utilize the power of our community's social capital to break down barriers and overcome challenges.


Together, our CLUTCH community will be critical resource for your marketing & funding needs; While helping you brainstorms ideas, collect data, and plan your next big move.


Much like venture-backed business can rely on venture capital to drive growth; Together, we'll leverage the social capital of our community to help you come through in the CLUTCH.


Member events & Opportunities 

We host hybrid event experiences to help you disconnect from the office, while still making meaningful connections and talent to accelerate business growth.

These events are also designed to increase partnership and investment opportunities for your venture.

Your new business-building partner is CLUTCH.
A social enterprise growth and development experience that will work for you.

Want to learn more & get some questions answered? Join us live at our next CLUTCH Huddle.

Company logos  (1).png
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