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Clutch. is our exclusive business growth membership for Social Entrepreneurs like you who are serious about leveling up! We are launching our app soon to give you the best experience.


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Leverage peer collaboration and social capital as a resource to grow your business.
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What is Clutch?

Clutch. is’s free peer collaboration tool to leverage the power of your social capital as a resource to grow your social enterprise.

When growing your business, you want to hit milestones and crush your goals, right?.


As a Clutch member, you will gain access to our business-building app, where we use technology to help you leverage our community and your network to grow your business! 

A "growth" community that's working for you. Helping you share your story and grow your brand.

Clutch. is a growth community that works to power your social enterprise by helping you share your story and amplify your brand.

Activate the power of peer collaboration and accountability for your growth.


Likes and follows are nice, but exchanging skills and experiences is the key to unlocking business success!

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Your business needs talent and funding to fuel its growth. We know this, and this is social and professional networking reimagined.
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Team-building made easy to fit your business needs...powered by your social capital.

A collaborative network experience worth paying

Your new business-building community is Clutch.
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Creator’s Block is a unique creative brainstorming session that is designed to help you address some of the most critical challenges that you are facing in your business.


During these sessions, Clutch Founders collaborate and connect to address specific challenges that are submitted by other founders in our community so that we can all come away with new ideas and solutions.

Sign up for early access to save your spot. Remember to submit any challenges you're facing too, so you could also benefit from insights on our next Creator's Block. It could be the topic of our next Creator's Block!