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This founder is  CLUTCH.

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As founder and CEO of, Emmanuel knew very early on in his career that he wanted to make a difference and participate in creating world changing solutions. Along his journey, he's gotten to meet so many others who are passionate about doing the same thing. It was a great relief to know that a lot of other people are passionate about building communities and launching innovative ideas that can change the world; However, Emmanuel quickly realized that him and his many colleagues and change-makers locally and around the world were battling some common, and recurring challenges that was keeping bright ideas from growing and reach their full potentials. These challenges include lack of business funding, marketing, business intelligence, and a growth network that can really help social impact startups and founders come through in the CLUTCH.


Emmanuel launched to empower and spotlight social entrepreneurs who are building great ideas and solutions that help advance sustainable development goals, while increasing access to critically need business resources. Some of the most pressing social and environmental issues that are tackling includes creating decent work and economic growth, eliminating hunger, protecting life on land, and building ecosystems that supports sustainable industries, innovation, and infrastructure.

That's why this founder is CLUTCH!

To learn more about the social issues Emmanuel and his team at are tackling and how you can participate in creating more impact, click on one thier top 4 goals below...

Check out some of's latest products and services. 

Every company's got a story. Our successes are born from many challenges and trials that we had to push through. Want to see how we did it? Check back for updated content and our business journey case studies below...

Being CLUTCH isn't just about handling the pressure, showing up, and not giving up on those big audacious've got to deliver.

We believe the pathway to delivery are consistant growth and progress. 

...and we'll have the CLUTCH stats to prove it. Stay tuned for updated growth metrics below! 


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Are you interested in learning more about our services and mission? We're currently working on our biggest initiative yet, and are open for growth opportunities, partnerships, and referrals. You can drop us a note here...

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