What would you like to build on socialaim.co? ...Your business? Community engagement? Your network? Or maybe just a better community to live in. Whatever it is you're like to build; Let's explore which growth resources may help you build it.


Create a Free Custom Gameplan

We'll assess your business and help you create a custom game-plan to grow your venture. Then we'll match you with local consultants from our network who will help your crush your milestones and reach your business goals.

Game-plan includes:

  • 1 free logo design (or redesign)

  • Monthly growth planning session a local professional (marketing, business, legal, finance, etc) 

  • Access to monthly book discussion

  • Discount on partner services

 Virtual Events

We bring creators, leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and local community members together for thought-provoking and value-based sessions & virtual events.

online brainstorming sessions for entrepreneurs

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