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Growth by Design 

October 23rd, 2020

A 1-day virtual design sprint collaboration between and Allison Ingalsbe Creative Strategies to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs like you learn a framework that you can use to quickly validate your ideas and evaluate solutions to your most critical challenges.



The number 1 reason that most business ventures fail is that they do not have product-market fit. 42% of companies reported that their customers had no market need for their products!

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Design thinking is useful at any stage of your business; particularly in the earlier stages. This framework will help identify and understand the needs of your users, clarify the problems that you are solving, and making sure that you are building a business or solution that people will want or buy.

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A mature design thinking practice can achieve an ROI between 71% and 107% (source: forbes)

Survey of over 2,200 companies, said a design approach positively impacts business results, including product quality, operational efficiencies and business profitability (source: invision)

Human-centered and design-led organizations can realize 10% annual growth versus 3-6% industry benchmarks (source: McKinsey)

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You will walk away from this experiential learning event with the skills you need to validate, develop, and grow your business idea, services, or existing model. If you are trying to launch a purpose-driven idea, service, or just take your business to the next level; Growth by Design will help you do it more effectively.

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First time or experienced Founders, Designers, Developers, Non-Profit Leaders, College Students, Community members, or anyone who would like to learn the Design Thinking process and approach.

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  • Friday, October 16th: Pre-event launch call and prework instructions at 12 - 2 pm

  • Friday, October 23rd: Event day programming from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

    • Form Insights ​

    • Field Research

    • Focus the challenge

    • Generate Ideas

    • Prototype

    • Implementation Plan 

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As a participant - $125  (limited availability)

  • You will be an active participant gaining hands-on experience while working with our team and design thinking expert facilitator. 

  • You will contribute to the experience while we walk you through the Design Thinking process and framework as we collect insights, engage in research, focus the challenge, prototyping our findings, and a plan for implementation.

  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions, gain clarification, and understanding of the design process. 

As an Observer - $25

  • You will have the opportunity to learn our process and framework through observation and share your feedback after the event.

  • You will have early bird preferences for future events.

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