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5 Keys to help you start from experience, not from scratch!

Thank you for joining me and on this journey and being a witness as we learn and grow together. Have you ever had to hit the reset button on a project or initiative? Or maybe you are in the process of launching a brand-new business altogether. This is something that many of us have in common, which is the feeling or experience of starting something over or embarking on a new journey. When it comes to continuing a journey after taking some time off, it can be quite challenging. The feeling or expectation of having to start from scratch can be very overwhelming and often causes founders to give up on their dreams. I for sure know what that is like; In fact, I have most recently experienced this with After taking some time off to reorganize my business and learn from past experiences, it was hard for me to consider a pivot and keep going. During that period, what kept me in the game was knowing that I did not have to start all over again. I had to remind myself of everything I have learned through the years, the difficulties, and the advantages that I can now leverage to keep growing my business and follow my passion.

As founders, often we do not think much about all the experiences that we have gathered over the years and that can contribute to helping us take an innovative approach that keeps our business growing or starting a new project. In this podcast episode, I sat down with Bridget Schraeder, who is the founder and CEO of to discuss 5 Keys based on our experiences and expertise that can help anyone start from experience, and not from scratch. In our conversation, we shared our experiences and insights which touched on mental health, communication, time management, mindset, and acquiring new skills.

Watch our 1st podcast episode this year on The Social Times podcast below as we further discuss this subject and drop plenty of gems to help inspire the success of your current or next project.

You may also listen to the audio podcast on Anchor, as well as other platforms by clicking here.

Thank you for being our guests and partners in growth. I am excited to continue growing this community and help social entrepreneurs create more impact and change the world. If you are joining us for the first time, learn more about our company, join us for an upcoming event, or subscribe to the The Clutch Social Innovation Lab to grow your business.

Note from the author: I'm Emmanuel Miot, the Founder & Executive Creator/CEO of I am passionate about social entrepreneurship, innovation, and community building. I am also a seasoned entrepreneur with 16+ years of business and professional experience. Over the years, I've valued the opportunity to do business and gain working experience while learning from various industries such as banking, sales, marketing, real estate, and management. You may connect with me on Linkedin as well by clicking here.


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