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Unleashing Social Innovation: The CLUTCH Social Innovation Lab 🚀

Hi, i'm Emmanuel Miot and I'm thrilled to invite you once again to join me on this journey. I launched because I am on a mission to help drive social innovation forward. Yes, that's my 2 cents and I am doing this by building a platform to serve as a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures high-growth companies like yours who are committed to sustainability and building more equitable communities. Although our team is very small right now...(like really, very small), I will be referencing "we" and "us" quite often because you are now part of the solution with me and I thank you for reading on!

Our goal is to address some of the most significant challenges faced by social enterprise startups and organizations. These challenges include limited access to funding, marketing tools, and a consistent ecosystem for growth; All of which are crucial for success and impact. 


We’re all in it together 👌🏾

Many social enterprise companies face hurdles in marketing and funding, which can stifle their growth and limit their potential to bring solutions to their communities. We understand these challenges intimately and have tailored our platform to help you overcome them. By joining our community, you'll gain access to resources, knowledge, and a network of like-minded individuals who are all working towards a common goal. 

We’re building to help you crush milestones while increasing support for the sustainable development goals "in the CLUTCH". We're currently in our startup phase, which means we can be agile and responsive to your needs. Please get involved and share your feedback, don’t make us beg for it! :) 



Introducing CLUTCH Social Innovation Lab 

The CLUTCH Social Innovation Lab is our answer to these challenges. It's a competitive business solutions experience that we’re designing to empower social innovators to develop, test, and grow business models that are making a difference in the world. The lab offers a unique experience that leverages social capital, collaboration, and data to help startups overcome marketing and funding obstacles. 

This solution experience is at the heart of what makes unique. It's more than just a program; it's like a sports league but we get down to business so you can have more access to the tools and insights needed to scale your startup's impact and revenue. We're passionate about this in part because we believe that those who are dedicated to doing good should also do well financially. 



The CLUTCH Experience 🚀


We'll work together to help you unleash your CLUTCH DNA so we can overcome pressing challenges, while we document your experience and help you earn the opportunity to shine during "Social Capital Week," which is a unique hybrid event experience celebrating the achievements of select companies who have earned their spot on the big stage. This event will be held at the end of each quarter to offer additional financial support, business resources and recognition to those who are making significant strides in growth, impact, and community engagement. Sign up now to help us pilot this experience and leave your mark early! Join us for a live overview and Q&A session at our next CLUTCH Huddle.


Join the Movement 🙌🏾


By joining the CLUTCH Social Innovation Lab, you’ll become a partner and gain access to a "CLUTCH" Profile, to showcase your business, uniqueness and be connected with our community via The Social Times. For those seeking an advanced edge, the "So CLUTCH" Profile offers a premium experience with additional benefits, including personalized guidance, marketing strategy, funding opportunities during Social Capital Week. All premium benefits are free during our pilot! Sign up now during our limited trial period.


Our Innovation Loop Methodology 🌎


We believe in a systematic approach to innovation, which includes defining clear goals, building and starting on experience, ideating with purpose, collecting feedback, and creating rapid prototypes to test and pivot as necessary. 


Engage with us 🙏🏾


Tap in and join us for some upcoming events! Participate in our next CLUTCH Huddle and share some ideas at our next Creators Block, which is a unique brainstorming experience that drives impact. Let's step it up a notch and win big together! 


Call to Action 👀


We invite you to join and be a part of a community that's changing the world one purpose-driven startup at a time. We're excited to launch the CLUTCH Social Innovation Lab and we want to close out the 2nd Quarter of the year with a bang! We''ll be selecting 25 companies to help test our pilot by May 13th. Sign up for free and let us help you tackle your marketing and funding challenges by leveraging the power of social capital, collaboration, and data. Let's work together to make doing good a profitable venture for everyone. Your journey towards making a difference starts here! 


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