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Why YOU should be the builder of the next big spaceship!

Have you ever thought about building a spaceship? If not, why? You know you want to. Maybe you’ve never thought of it until now, or maybe you have thought of building the most badass spaceship ever imagined...and then fear hits you. Now you think it’s impossible. Well, what if I told you everything you dream of creating can be done? It is all possible, and you can build the next big spaceship! Let's break down some main components of how you can build this badass spaceship.

Designing and building a great idea is exactly like building a spaceship. If you’re bold enough to take on the challenge of turning your big ideas and goals into mind-blowing realities...then you’re capable of building the biggest “spaceship” that could rival SpaceX or NASA. A great idea can take you for the space ride of your life. It can launch you into the world that you’ve always dreamt of. What have you been dreaming about? What has been living within you that needs to be shared with the world? What new, imagined reality makes your heart skip a few beats each time you think about living in it?

We’re gonna get into some basic commonalities, stay with me here! Spaceships are designed and built to take us out of our current world in order to explore new ones. They help us to explore the unknown; they help us to push the limits of our imaginations. Much like your big ideas!

Let’s take a bird’s eye view of what’s required. Building a spaceship will demand a lot of time and commitment. Such daring tasks will require lots of critical resources, a great amount of collective planning, collaboration, vision, and a bad ass team who won’t let anything stand in their way! Spaceships and bold ideas also require an ample amount of capital, both human and financial, to build and sustain themselves throughout the journey. Both are often considered to have high risk, high reward potential. Where will your spaceship take you? What does it look like? Who’s taking that ride with you?

Ok, I am sure you’re realized the type of spaceship we’re talking about here. The one that you can start working on right away. Building your spaceship may not be so daunting after all, especially when you have the support. So, are you ready to give it a shot? Well, we’ve thought about it and we’re here to help... We've decided to build a CLUTCH Social Innovation Lab that could launch us into a new galaxy. What do you think that would that look like? We imagine it would be a dope ecosystem of support for social impact founders with unlimited access to talent, unrivaled access to business intelligence, unbiased access to capital and so much more! We’ve taken on the challenge to build our spaceship... with you in mind of course! Where would we be with you? Let's start thinking about where YOU want to aim your spaceship and travel to. You are capable of launching yourself into the new world that you want to experience. If you need an extra hand, we won’t be hard to find.

Join us on our growth journey as we lift off and shift the culture! We’ll give you the inside scoop on where we are in building our own spaceship, see how our experiences, trials, and insights can help you build yours. Sign up to join our CLUTCH Social Innovation Lab community for free and get access to our weekly updates and case study. Step by step, we can figure this out together!

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