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🚀 Exciting News for Early-Stage Social Enterprises! 🚀


As we wrap up the first month of the year, I hope your 2024 journey is off to a fantastic start!

🌟 How are those new year intentions coming along?

I'm thrilled to reconnect as we gear up for the CLUTCH Social Innovation Lab pre-launch campaign in 2024. Although our pilot is designed for CEOs & Founders of early-stage social enterprises and small teams typically still within their first 5 years of venture; Our solution is set to address the unique marketing and access to finance challenges startups face at any stage while navigating growth.

Save the date for next Monday! 🗓️ 

I'll be hosting a live CLUTCH Huddle session to unveil our latest updates and what's on the horizon. I'll be handpicking 25 companies for an exclusive pilot test before the official launch (date pending). Picture this: being among the first to experience a groundbreaking platform crafted to supercharge marketing and help overcome revenue challenges for change-makers like you. It will never be easier to leverage social capital as we empower your engagement with potential customers, brand partners, and investors, to propel your growth.

This pilot is a game-changer for social entrepreneurship, and your participation, experience and feedback are key. Together, let's pave the way! 

🌐 Ready to take the leap? Secure your CLUTCH Huddle spot now, as registration is limited.

Thank you for considering this unique opportunity. Let's overcome growing pains and make waves in 2024!

See you soon,



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