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Here's how we help Founders create more impact

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

You want to drive change in your community and create a lasting impact, so you launched a great business idea... Or maybe you haven't even launched your idea yet, but you're very interested in figuring out how to contribute your talents, creativity, and efforts towards taking care of people and the planet we're living in. Now what? Believe it or not...when it comes to business; Some people either just wing it, figure it out on their own, or just leave the ideas or the thought of starting a business alone altogether.

We know it's not always as simple as it seems because we've been there too. That's why we are passionate about the work we do. Here's a quick guide to help you get the most value from our community.

1. Join us

We are building a "growth" community to help transform communities around the world through social entrepreneurship. We bring creators, founders, and innovators together as we leverage the impact of social capital and collaboration to help grow amazing social ventures to build a sustainable future. You can tap in right away by subscribing for our updates, and we'll deliver The Social Times right to your inbox, that's our community publications where we share the stories of amazing founders who are changing the world, along with resources to help you generate new ideas and go impactful ventures. If you're a founder, or curious about launching your own venture, Apply for Clutch– Our free membership experience for founders, collaborators, and creators who are serious about changing the world through social entrepreneurship. We help Clutch members leverage social capital and collaboration to grow meaningful ventures while increasing access to financial capital by connecting them to an accountability partner, offering marketing resources, and curating events that foster growth.

2. Share your thoughts & business challenges with us

We put some of our time aside to learn more about our audience and community every day. We are here to serve you, and how you feel or what you have to say matters...a lot.

We know that entrepreneurship can be challenging because we've been there and have the experience. However, the magic that will help us create the best solutions for you while building a community that serves your needs are your feedback and shared experiences. We encourage you to share some feedback with us here.

3. Get involved & Start Crushing Your Milestones

We're serious about the "growth" part. So much that we've it our business to build a platform to help you grow. If you're not ready to join Clutch, then join us at our next community event or a Creator’s Block – These are creative brainstorming sessions that are designed to help you come up with solutions to everyday business challenges that are keeping founders and creators like you from crushing your milestones. We use design-thinking methodologies to better understand problems, identify pain points, and challenge assumptions to create viable solutions. Anyone can register to participate, share ideas, and contribute towards world-changing solutions. We only accept up to 15 participants per session, so be sure to subscribe for our updates and look out for our invite. Clutch members are invited to schedule Creator's Block sessions to work on their business.

4. Tap Into More Resources

Plug into our community Publication – The Social Times for the latest updates on amazing social entrepreneurs who are building the future and creating impact, as well as great resources to build your business and grow your network. Give us the Deets about your company, mission, or resources so we can share the word with our community. We’d love to feature your progress! Join us for an event, or you may schedule a complimentary Office Hours session with us if you are unsure where to start, or just want to receive some general feedback on a business or idea from our team.

5. Tell a friend or two

You know the saying: If you’ve found something good... share the love by sharing this blog! Social Capital is a currency that our future can count on. We’re counting on you to help us push communities around the world forward through social entrepreneurship!

We're looking forward to working with you, let's build together!


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