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Your purpose-driven business idea maybe be just what the world needs right now

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

(and how we can help you launch or scale it)

I am always connecting with others. I consider networking to be one of my strengths and something that I enjoy doing. Last week I reached out to someone new while scoping out potential partners for a project that I am working on. One of the first things the person mentioned to me during our virtual exchanges was “your business is just what the world needs right now”. This was in reference to while we learned about each other’s work and passion. I didn’t think about it much at the time, however, this came to mind again while I was doing some reflecting and meditating. I thought to myself: She’s right. After all, I launched because I believed the world needs it. My community needs it. My world, as an underserved entrepreneur; needs it. More importantly, though, I believe that we all can create or contribute towards solutions that address the most pressing social and environmental challenges that we care about or would like to see solved. We can do that by trusting our creative minds, making our contributions count, and pursuing our passions. Let's dig into that a bit more below.

1. Trust your creative mind

Our minds are incredible. I think our creative mind is one of our most underrated superpowers. The ability to imagine what you want to create and see it in action before it happens is so amazing. Think about it, if you’re running a business right now, I am almost 100% sure that it was just an idea in your mind or someone else’s. You or someone else believed that the world needed a product or service bad enough and did what it took to launch that business and make it happen. So, don’t take your creative imagination for granted; take advantage of it. Let it lead you in continuing to innovate your current business model or generate new ideas into the world which can solve a major problem in your community, or the world.

2. Make your contributions count

I believe that we all have something to contribute. What does contribution look like to you? Is it your time? Service? Thoughts? Expertise? 2cents? Whatever it sure to deliver it and make it count. Our contributions mean so much to the bigger picture whether you believe it or not. We don’t all have to contribute at the same level or match anyone else’s...just know that your contribution has value and can make a big difference. For example, you may not be eligible to vote, but you can influence a few or many to do so (hint, hint). You may not have been the one to come up with a big business idea, but you can support someone in your community who did and help them share it with the world or innovate the process or idea. You get my go ahead and make your contributions count.

3. Pursue your passion

What are you passionate about? You can take some time to give that some thought; If you’re not already working on it. How does your current business model or idea address some of the biggest challenges or social & environmental issues that you care about? Do you even know what it is that you deeply care about? (It’s ok if you don’t right now). All I can tell you is that it is worth knowing, and your passion is worth pursuing. The beauty of being a social entrepreneur is having the opportunity to build a profitable business that's creating positive impact, nourishing your soul, and fulfills your passion. As a bonus...your purpose-driven business or idea may be just what the world needs right now.

Bonus: Here’s how we can help you!

What’s this passion thing you just read about? (Oh, that’s right I remember.) If we're meeting for the first time, I want to know that I launched this platform as a passion project. As a founder who has often been overlooked, while dealing with common challenges and growing pains of building a business, I believe that many founders who are lacking access to business resources such as coaching, talent, or funding have so much to offer and need to have their shot at contributing to the world. I imagined what it would look like if purpose-driven founders were able to more effectively leverage human capital & collaboration as fuel to grow amazing companies that can change the world.

You can find us at the intersection of culture, technology, and social impact. We are building a generational social fintech company that leverages the value of community and social capital to help founders solve everyday business challenges, access talent to build great teams, and obtain the early funding needed to crush milestones and build impactful companies. If you are an early-stage business founder, creator, or just have an idea to solve a problem, you can apply to join Clutch. Or subscribe to The Social Times access business growth content and stay in the loop on the works of amazing social entrepreneurs who are creating impact.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey, particularly for those who feel underserved, overlooked, or are just simply inexperienced. I know this because I’ve been there. Take this with you: If you believe that the world needs your business or something this week to grow it, let us help bring your idea to the world.

Note from the author:

I am the founder & CEO of, thank you for your gift of attention, and for reading this post. I am passionate about social entrepreneurship, innovation, and community building. As a seasoned entrepreneur with 16+ years of business and professional experience, it is my pleasure to continue to serve. Over the years, I've valued the opportunity to do business, and gain working experience while learning from various industries such as banking, sales, marketing, real estate, and management. Please email me with any feedback or questions anytime at

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