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New update: Tackling marketing & money challenges for Social Enterprise Startups in 2024.

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

We are thrilled to continue our progress on the launch of the CLUTCH Social Innovation Lab and you are invite to be part of the development process.

This unique experience will help us leverage the power of social capital, collaboration, and a little competition to empower early-stage social enterprise companies with the CLUTCH marketing and funding support they need grow their ventures and create more impact.  


We are now accepting 25 companies to work with as we pilot this concept during our pre-launch phase. You can sign up for a CLUTCH subscription here.


Our goal for The CLUTCH Social Innovation Lab is to accelerate the growth of social innovation through a fun, innovative, and yet competitive experience that empowers mission-driven companies with powerful marketing, data & fundings resources to come through in the CLUTCH!

Once you have signed up to join our pre-launch cohort; We'll work together to develop a CLUTCH marketing and funding strategy, which includes access to our first fund raising event.

Join us live for a quick huddle to learn more about the CLUTCH Social Innovation Lab. You'll have a chance to ask questions, share some feedback, and see how our strategy can help you overcome key marketing and funding challenges in your business.

Until next time,



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