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The 3 min read you wish you read yesterday

Hey, if you missed this yesterday, it's ok, today's the winner!

Ok, so I promised 3 mins, so let's dig in...

Every dreamer, creator, and business owner's got a journey. What's your journey? And where is it taking you? If you're here for the first time, Hi, I'm Emmanuel Miot, founder and Chief Executive Creator at To keep this short, I won't tell you my whole story here, we can learn more about each other along the way. For now, i'll just drop some quick insights into my journey.

My journey is that of a founder who’s experienced the highs and the lows of starting and growing a business from scratch. One who knows what’s it’s like to be lost and misunderstood, and one who knows what it’s like to be underrepresented, under marketed with little access to business capital and other critical resources. Do you think we have anything in common? 

My journey led me to a path of empathy, inspiration, and a passion to fight for economic equity for social entrepreneurs, and dreamers like you. It led me to this moment and time…as we announce the soft launch of the CLUTCH Social Innovation Lab! This is our hybrid business solutions subscription service for social enterprise startups who want to get out of planning mode in order to test, launch, and grow business solutions in real life while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

We may have a lot more in common than we think. We can work together and support each other’s journey along the way.

We’ll help you embrace your "CLUTCH" DNA to build amazing companies and change the world.

Witness and be part of our journey at as continue on the road to share amazing stories and empowering the growth of 1 million+ social enterprise startups that are advancing sustainable goals for better communities, and a brighter future for all. Yes, this one’s for you, and you can start working with us right away, and start for free.

Our ecosystem is created to help passionate leaders like you share your story, validate business ideas, get new customers, and access critical resources you need to scale your precious, world saving ideas. We want to be part of your journey, as a partner you can count on, and leverage to help you and your team achieve some of your most audacious, and hairy goals!

You can get started for free, by signing up for CLUTCH. At CLUTCH, we’ll profile your business on our platform, help you acquire new customers and partnerships through unique marketing strategies, community engagement events, and grant you access exclusive business case studies. 

If you’re really trying to get the next level and take some game winning shots with us…you can be SO CLUTCH right here. This is where we’ll really get to it. We’ll meet twice a month, create a custom marketing plan, while helping you establish and build business credit, in addition to a chance to compete for funding at our funding events.

If you’re on the fence, or have some questions in whether or not this could really help you at this time, join us at a CLUTCH Huddle for some clarity. Every Monday at 11am.

Well, I told you this wouldn’t take long. Now you can get back to being amazing and changing the world. Hopefully, you’re taking us on the ride with you. 

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