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This social distancing playlist was made for with us!

It’s amazing what music can do for us. Music can feed our soul, help us relieve stress, bring back memories, or simply help us get through some rough downtimes. So, while we are at home, weathering the social and health challenges we are now experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic; We may count on music once again to help support us go through this!

Before you get to our playlist below, let’s take a moment to enjoy this awesome video parody “LLORONA” by Angélica Vale and Marco Antonio Solis.  A lot of videos have been trending online, this is among one of my favorites. What a collective effort, while cheering on those who are working on the front lines and taking great care of us during this time:

Now, are you ready? We know that staying active during a lockdown may be challenging to most; Especially those of us who were very active based on our normal work or gym routines. I hope this list will help you do just that if nothing else. Go ahead and put your dancing shoes on, tie your hair or stretch your legs; Let’s rock through this together!

Click on this image to access our playlist:

We hope you’ll enjoy this playlist. Feel free to share the love and keep the beat going!

Note from the author: Emmanuel is the founder & executive creator of He's passionate about social entrepreneurship, innovation and community building. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with 15+ years of business and professional experience. Over the years, he's valued the opportunity to do business, gain working experience while learning from various industries such as banking, sales, marketing, real estate, and management. You may connect with him by clicking here.

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