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Mondays are Clutch! Introducing CLUTCH Huddle

Happy Monday! We sure hope you’ve had a great weekend and you’re now ready to take on a brand-new week while hunting down some fresh goals and milestones for your business. As we embrace a CLUTCH mindset and our ability to execute and accomplish some of our most audacious goals, we want to know that we’re doubling down on being CLUTCH for you. If you are engaging with for the very first time and aren’t yet aware of our business resources for social entrepreneurs, creators, and community leaders, please learn more about us here, and apply for CLUTCH to get started.

Our free CLUTCH membership experience offers mission-driven founders, creators, and community leaders access to a virtual accountability partner, marketing support via The Social Times, and unique hybrid events to help increase collaboration and impactful networking. As we’re doubling down on this commitment, today we hosted our very first LinkedIn live series: CLUTCH Huddle. Hosted by our Founder & CEO, Emmanuel Miot.

Consider CLUTCH Huddle as your weekly business huddle to get you fired up and ready to execute winning plays for your business and community. Meet us every Monday at 10 am on Linkedin, as we broadcast live from our business page. Please follow us there for updates if you haven’t already.

Here are some of the key points that we covered today during our first CLUTCH Huddle:

  • Why we’ve launched CLUTCH Huddle

  • Why entrepreneurs are Clutch and how embracing this mentality can help you win in real life

  • Topics you can expect for us to cover each Monday

  • A great book recommendation to help you find your way and win this week (hit: it’s a children’s book!)

The live session isn't very long, and you can catch the recap here:

We hope to catch you live each and every Monday at CLUTCH Huddle, and do not hesitate to drop us some feedback and any topics you’d like to discuss. Also, if you’d like to join us live, let’s do it!

Thank you again for rocking with us. We’re committed to serving more entrepreneurs and creators like you who are committed to creating impact through social entrepreneurship, that’s why we’ve made it our business. Here’s a quick note from our CEO on why we are so passionate about this opportunity and why we’re doubling down on creating more CLUTCH experiences to help you grow.

Thank you again for allowing us to serve you and embark on your social entrepreneurship journey, let’s make it count this week! Please do not hesitate to connect or reach out to us anytime by dropping a comment on this post, or emailing us at

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