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Our time is now: The Social Times

What does time mean or represent to you? While you're thinking about that...what time is it? Go ahead...look at your watch or phone real quick. I am sure that you're probably reading this post at a different time then everyone else in your community or around the world (Yes, it is our hope that people from around the world will continue reading our blog posts). One thing that is certain, however, is the fact that the whole world may be experiencing a unique time in history right now; This may be due to the impact of Covid-19, environmental challenges, or recent social unrests. However, despite everything that is going on in the world right now; Present time still remain one of our biggest assets.

That is why we are thrilled and super excited to announce the launch of our community publication: The Social Times!

The Social Times is our exclusive publication which will feature and share the stories, and experiences of amazing social entrepreneurs from our community who have committed to starting or growing a purpose-driven business venture during these troubling times. We are so excited that we just had to share a preview with you. Our first issue will launch in early September, and it will be delivered right into your mailbox. The issues will also be accessible on our website. If you haven't joined our community yet for access to all of our Growth Resources, please do so now.

In case you were wondering by our preview picture; no, we won't be turning social entrepreneurs into a tree! (Lol, dad joke) However, we're helping them grow like trees. One way we are doing that is through Clutch, our unique and simple gameplan subscription for social entrepreneurs who want to turn an idea or side hustle into a growing enterprise. Signing up is free, and you may do so here.

One of our most important abilities is the ability to decide what to do with our time. If you're made it this far...we're thankful and appreciative for you having shared some of your time with us. We are looking forward to delivering a great publication that will certainly be worth your time!

Note from the author:

Emmanuel is the founder & Executive Creator of He's passionate about social entrepreneurship, innovation, and community building. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with 16+ years of business and professional experience. Over the years, he's valued the opportunity to do business, gain working experience while learning from various industries such as banking, sales, marketing, real estate, and management. He currently lives in Miami, Fl with his lovely wife Vanessa and two children.

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