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3 reasons why remote dialogues are important right now

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

First, how are you doing? I hope you and your family are doing well during this difficult time. In the midst of everything that is going on right now with COVID-19, racial inequality concerns; I hope you are taking some time out to be present and reflect while continuing to take good care of your physical and mental health. I am happy to regain some of my focus again after taking some time off to reflect, refresh, and reset.

Over the last 6 months, I have been hosting community dialogue sessions to discuss various topics that we feel may be useful to our community of social entrepreneurs and community leaders. I've been hosting these dialogues through because we are very passionate about the opportunity to build better communities and creating a sustainable future that we can all count on. However, our open dialogues have proved to be a great way for us to learn from each other while impacting our community's growth by sharing ideas or inspiring new ones.

Learning From Each Other

Everyone has a point of view. I am sure you probably have heard the saying "opinions are like *censored*.....and everybody's got one, right?" Well, censored content aside, this is true. We all have different experiences and views to share. Our experiences may bring value to someone else's lack of knowledge on a topic. I believe right now is the best time to leverage each other's differences, and openly share a point of view that may bring us closer together.

Impacting Growth

I believe connections through conversations are important for growth. There is so much to gain when more people from local communities are connecting and talking to each other. Don't you think it's exciting when you discover that you and someone you just met has similar interests or agree on a topic of discussion? Right now, as we are social distancing, so much more people have the opportunity to connect through remote discussions than ever before. When you think about it, some people may have missed out on great connections simply because they've never wandered through certain parts of town before. Now that we're connecting more online, you should add more group discussions and dialogues to your schedule. Based on current events, some of our local communities may have more growing up to do; So, for those who are interested, engaging each other in conversation and dialogues can play a big role in impacting our growth.


Inspiration can come from anywhere. When we exchange ideas and experiences, there's no telling what we may walk away with. A great philosopher once said, "finding is reserved for the searchers" if you're looking for inspiration, you should go searching for it. Joining a remote discussion or dialogue may be a good place to find some inspiration for your next project or idea. There are plenty of options for group discussions and dialogues online; In fact, Venture Cafe Miami always has a great lineup with some interesting topics to choose from. We have hosted quite a few dialogues and sessions on their platform and I always find a drop of inspiration from a good group conversation.

All of the dialogues we host at are open discussions by design because we believe everyone can contribute based on their own experiences and knowledge on a topic, or lack of knowledge and experience on it.

We have received some great feedback from participants and we are excited to continue delivering value. We hope you will continue joining us to discuss, brainstorm, and dissect "growth" topics together. This week we are stepping up our game based on your feedback and bringing in one of our subject matter expert friends to discuss Branding and Marketing for purpose-driven founders. I will be sure to save a virtual seat for you, so you can join us from where ever you are. Click on the flyer below to register for free, let's keep talking to each other. Sometimes it doesn't really matter what we talk about...we'll still end up learning from each other, impacting our community's growth and finding inspiration somehow.

Note from the author: Emmanuel is the founder & executive creator of He's passionate about social entrepreneurship, innovation, and community building. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with 15+ years of business and professional experience. Over the years, he's valued the opportunity to do business and gain working experience while learning from various industries such as banking, sales, marketing, real estate, and management. You may connect with him by clicking here.

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